Time and space demon

", Lao Dao is fighting!"! You'll have to take care of yourself, Martial Nephew! Dan Xiaozi knew at a glance that although the original body split from the ancient God Jie Dun could not be compared with the noumenon, it was also unmatched. It must be difficult for Fang Linkong to keep the primordial spirit. Dan Xiaozi's evil blue robe suddenly rose sharply, and the faint blue brilliance like a startled rainbow cut off the traction of the ancient God Jie Dun to the two immortals. Perhaps in the eyes of Fang Linkong, the ancient God Jie Dun is an unrivaled existence, but in the eyes of immortals like Dan Xiaozi, the great spiritual power of the ancient God Jie Dun is not an irresistible force. In an instant, the two immortals lost all their resistance by some means of Dan Xiaozi. He took it away together with the unruly body of the ancient gods. And the subsequent mental fluctuations, Dan Xiaozi is not in the mood to fight. Sky evil blue robe out of the body, the twinkling of an eye into a layer of boundless light curtain, the ancient God's chaotic will impact on it, although immediately disintegrated the sky evil blue robe block, but failed to catch a piece of Dan Xiaozi's clothes corner. The torn blue robes of the sky turned into countless pieces of blue light, floating in the endless void, and after an angry roar, a red light rose from the chaotic star of the ancient gods,cosmetic packaging wholesale, sweeping away the blue light. The newly promoted God! Go after that stupid intruder! "The ancient demon Jie Dun!"! I think you should face me and let go of the rest for a while. Fang Lin Kong's body suddenly rose a huge dragon-shaped figure, a huge consciousness not inferior to the chaos of the ancient gods, appeared in this chaotic space. The consciousness of the mythical beast White Dragon, through the physical body of Fang Linkong as a bridge, came to the body of the ancient God Jiedun. Fang Linkong endured so hard that he was about to be torn apart, and he did not know when the white dragon had done something to him. This transcendental will has come beyond the limits of his body. Had it not been for the serpent,Glass Cosmestic Containers, the limit of the energy it could withstand would have been greatly increased. Fang Linkong's body collapsed at the first time. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com The eleventh round of the trial is completed. The communication between the ancient God Jiedun and the mythical beast White Dragon had nothing to do with Fang Linkong, nor did he want to know what the two ancient cosmic monsters were discussing. Moreover, Fang Linkong knows a little about Chinese, and bird language only knows how to choose four letters. The communication between these two extraordinary lives uses the most direct spiritual fluctuation, and Fang Linkong's spiritual level is not enough to wedge into it at all. Without warning, Fang Linkong found that his space had collapsed. When he set foot on a grassy land, he heard the voice of the mythical beast White Dragon coming like thunder. Thanks for helping us out! This piece of dragon horn is a gift for you. In the future, you can come to Dragon King and be warmly received by my compatriots. "Humph!"! I am Jie Dun! Since you help me communicate with this white dragon and break down the trapped realm, I will not pursue what happened just now. This thing is for you, and I hope you can take care of yourself! Without the energy support of me and the White Dragon, the space here will gradually collapse in hundreds of years! You leave at once! Fang Linkong looked around in a daze, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,30ml dropper bottle, but could not see anything. Remembering that he had gone through hardships and finally got out of that damned place, he could not help feeling much better. He was about to turn around and look for a way out, but he was hit on the head by something silently. This thing is elusive, even with Fang Linkong's skill can not escape. He reached out and grabbed the thing that hit his head. On closer inspection, it was a thin piece of metal. There are countless patterns on it, and when you lift it up, it looks like transparent. Looked for a long time, in addition to let Fang Linkong lament that this ancient God is really stingy, how can not see, what is the use of this thing. Now that he had returned to the boiling point of zero, Fang Linkong thought to himself that it was no problem to finish the task now. Naturally, the first thing to do is to find Lin Yu and Ye Lisha. Conveniently put away the gift of the ancient God Jiedun, restored his ordinary youth appearance, Fang Linkong put the God armor on his body into the body at the same time. Otherwise, his fierce and ferocious appearance is not very popular. Scratching his head, Fang Linkong smiled brightly and said to himself, "Looking for someone?"! Of course, this thing is the most convenient! He just dropped his hand. Open the five fingers, and more than a dozen golden spots of light will fly in all directions. It was the true locust of Wutu that Liequezi used to plot against Elder Martial Brother to break the loophole. Although it is overqualified to use the true locust of Wutu as a demon seeking insect, these pre-ancient alien locusts are really very useful. Chen Mingbin and Wen Yi are now in a terrible mess after falling out with their teammates. The accumulated resentment between the two sides finally broke out. The strength of the two sides is not proportional, the two of them were not cut into meat sauce, but also thanks to Chen Mingbin's extraordinary attainments in wind magic, a wind riding out. It can leave the one-horned dragon behind. But Wen Yi's body is too heavy, Chen Mingbin's wind riding skills can not support how much time, several times in a row by the members of the dark wing after catching up, several battles, so that he was also injured. Obtained the mount of the dark wing, the strength of the increase. Had it not been for the fact that most people were anxious to do their own tasks, they would not have been in the mood to participate in the hunt. Even if Chen Mingbin was twice as fast, he could not delay the battle until this time. Stumbling on the solid ground, Chen Mingbin exhaled with difficulty and exhaled the turbid and stuffy feeling in his chest. He was so exhausted that he could not move another step. Wen Yi has a broken thigh. There was no chance of treatment these days. Although Chen Mingbin tried his best to protect him, the hardships of fighting and escaping also cost him half his life. At this time, Wen Yi looked like he was dying and would die at any time, and he regretted it a hundred times in his heart. He fell out with Fang Linkong because he was so emotional at the beginning. Old Chen! If not, you can leave me alone! Go to Fang Linkong and help me get revenge! Dejected, Wen Yi began to break the pot and put forward a proposal to let Chen Mingbin escape alone. Chen Mingbin refused coldly and said, "Wen Yi, don't pretend!"! So you are afraid of death,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, that is to say, the heart is not afraid of death to death! If we hold on a little longer, we may find Fang Linkong and them. I'm not afraid of those guys! Be patient a little longer! 。

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